LiFi, also known as light fidelity, is a full duplex communication network enabling transmittal of data. The potency of bidirectional Visible Light Communication allows us to build an ideal medium, independent of congested radio frequencies and interference from electromagnetic waves, thus, resulting in faster data transfer.


Velmenni | LiFi uses Visible Light for Data Transmission - Optical Wireless Network

LiFi requires visible light to transmit data. At Velmenni, we've set out to attain advanced light-based data solutions targeted at the masses with the following LiFi model.

The single access point (transceiver) incepts the data from the Power Over Ethernet cable & convert it into bits. Upon processing, it then modulates the bits as 1's & 0s, dispatched with every single rapidly fleeting ray of light released by the LED. The LED acts as a medium & transfers the data to the receiver, in this case, the photodetector positioned inside the dongle. The dongle then demodulates the received data and completes the chain by sending it to the smart device through the USB. As for uploading the data, the same cycle is repeated inversely using Near Infrared Light through the dongle.


Velmenni | LiFi - Wireless network to enable unlicensed spectrum, high-speed internet, secure data communication and eco-friendly data transmission.


Providing 1000 times more unlicensed spectrum than traditional wireless communication.


Offering high-speed internet and data transfer which is 10 times faster than the traditional WiFi speed.


Light cannot trespass through the physical environment, enabling secure data passage.


The technology is environment-friendly and has immunity against electromagnetic inferences.


Accelerating in-flight entertainment system.

Velmenni develops LiFi for Accelerating in-flight entertainment system in the Aviation industry


Curating 5G/6G network infrastructure.

Velmenni | Li Fi for 5G/6G network infrastructure - Light Speed Internet


Influencing the consumer space towards Internet of Everything.

Velmenni | LiFi enables Internet of Things Implementation


Secured sharing of data through built-in security.

Velmenni - LiFi secures sharing of data through built-in security


As the world evolves into the era of the internet of things & 5G/6G, the requirement for wireless networks that can meet the never-ending need of data communication is of paramount importance. Our band of geeks here at Velmenni believes that a lot of value can be created by assisting in the continued innovation and research in & around the world of LiFi. We aim to evolve this product through impactful resources and to build futuristic applications of it in various domains.