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The core vision of our company is to build technology through science and research, applicative across various verticals that conclusively results in absolute global empowerment.

Our Story

Velmenni, having developed LiFi, has become one of the world’s most valued organizations that deal in optical wireless data transmission also known as light communication technology.

Founded in 2014, we are the first company to venture into the universe of light communication in India. We have managed to create a LiFi based mesh network solution that helps in transferring data across long distances. The product makes setting up a wireless networks over the ground and under-water, where optical cable infrastructure is difficult to implement otherwise.
Our team has been working on LiFi tirelessly in achieving several research and development milestones. Today, our main focus is on the optimization of speed efficiency and seamless connectivity within the LiFi domain.

Having held successful runs of LiFi technology in multiple locations, we have achieved credible success to utilize bidirectional visible/invisible light to transfer data in diverse industrial condition. The goal remains to integrate LiFi and Wi-Fi to create impeccable, efficient, and productive networks.

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Get To Know The Team

Deepak Solanki

Founder and cEo

The brain behind bringing the idea of light communication to reality, Deepak always had a keen eye for science-bound discoveries and inventions since his childhood. Choosing electronic engineering as a lifelong pursuit Deepak was immediately hooked to the idea of LiFi when it was first heard back in 2011. With a moderate start as an R&D project. His efforts were quickly recognized when he got a chance to work with the Airbus accelerator and since then there has been no looking back. It is because of his efforts that today Velmenni has been able to build a strong IP around the tech and sectors like defence, telecommunication, etc have already started adopting the technology commercially.

Ujjwal Minocha


A highly performance-driven serial entrepreneur and an angel investor with over 15 years of experience in scaling brands across categories. Ujjwal directly leads the overall business, strategy, sales, and marketing operations for Velmenni. His vision transpires into making this startup story a leading player in the communication space and simultaneously reducing the radiofrequency footprint from our habitable environment. Having had a treasure trove of experience he has served as an Advisor & consultant for brands like MGM Grand Las Vegas, he also serves as a mentor and investor for startups like Fitso, Fae Beauty and Shop2App. He is a driving force for outcomes at Velmenni.

Our Investors

Nimesh Samani

A well-respected entrepreneur and investor with over 30 years of expertise in international B2B and B2G marketing. His strong interpersonal and leadership skills make him a valuable asset to team Velmenni.

Bhavesh Amin

A very experienced and seasoned real estate investor based in the UK. Apart from being a value investor, Bhavesh is also an important contributor to our business expansion in the UK.

Nikhil Bhulabhai

Nikhil is a tactical commercial entrepreneur carrying business interests in the verticals of ICT, Finance, Power and Infrastructure, Telecommunications, Digital Marketing, and E-commerce.

Apesko Tradecom

Apesko Tradecom LLP is the investment arm of Rosmerta Family Office. Rosmerta is the world’s third-largest supplier of high-security registration plates. The company has a network of 4,500 employees and 9 business verticals in offices across India. They have served 180M customers in the past 15 years.

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We are reimagining the role light plays in the universe by using LEDs to transmit data.

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