Redefining the Ecosystem of Data Communication

Key Challenges

Global Internet traffic is projected to grow 24% annually. Fibre-optic cable can support this growth in demand, but rolling out an extensive fibre network often means deployment complications. Planning and digging trenches to lay lines can be time-consuming and costly, and tough terrain can pose physical challenges that make expansion nearly impossible. Light Communication could be the potential technology to cater to this demand and solve the following challenges.

Data is the new currency impacting everybody’s lives. As the modern world receives & sends millions of Terabytes of data every day, the present day wireless data communication technologies comprising of Wi-Fi & 4G-LTE is on the verge of becoming partially inept for information exchange as they suffer from spectrum congestion in both controlled and uncontrolled environments.

Targeted Application Areas for Outdoors

Velmenni’s innovation comes in the form of its unique light communication technology for outdoor applications. Our outdoor wireless backhaul solution can address all the backhaul challenges faced in 4G networks while empowering 5G in a whole new way.Light Communication can be used to extend wireless connectivity for:

4G/5G small cells: Backhauling

Forecasting the upcoming high demand for wireless backhaul solutions for telecom networks & spectrum congestion, Velmenni has developed a proprietary wireless backhaul solution using light waves.

Light in the NIR spectrum is modulated and used as a carrier for wireless communication. The system consists of a transceiver with a transmitter in the form of LEDs and a receiver in the form of a photodiode with precise optical lenses. It takes the data input at fibre availability and transmits it wirelessly to other devices placed at the far end. It’s a complete bi-directional system that acts similar to an OFC but is wireless.

FTTx to enterprise & residential buildings: Last Mile Connectivity

It supports the FTTx network in environments where laying down OFC is a challenge. It creates immense possibilities where last-mile connectivity through cables is either not feasible or viable. Velmenni IP on optical wireless mesh networks helps create reliable last-mile connectivity solutions using multiple light communication nodes.

Private networks

Light Communication can cater to city-wide data exchange demands while delivering Gbps speeds in remote and difficult-to-reach areas.

Street-level deployment

Street-level deployment of small cells or public WiFi or smart city applications like CCTV camera deployments requires high capacity backhauling. LC opens up new possibilities for ultra-high-speed wireless backhauling.

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