Velmenni is glad to be a part of Light Communications Alliance formed by Global Industry Leaders to promote new wireless technologies enabling Light Communications. Click here to know more.
LiFi - Optical Wireless Data Transmission Network using Visible Light


Our dream is to let you exchange data at the speed of light, uninterruptedly. Using light waves from LEDs for data transmission, LiFi potentially offers 10x the efficiency than traditional Wi-Fi, facilitating high-speed data communication of up to 1Gbps. With the ever-growing demand for connectivity, LiFi would be able to combine illumination and wireless data transmission to accelerate the relay of data across the globe.

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What We Do Exploring the world of invention and innovation, one light at a time.

Media Coverage Designing people's thinking about the new-age technology, LiFi.

Our Accelerators We succeed in whatever we do because of the business stimulators we work with.

Airbus Biz Lab - Velmenni Lifi Technology | Implement LiFi in the World of Aviation

Airbus Biz Lab

Velmenni, in collaboration with Airbus Biz Lab, aims to adopt and implement LiFi into the world of aviation. The customised application of LiFi will allow for an immersive and richer experience in the world of flight and entertainment.

BuildIt - Velmenni Lifi Communication Network | LiFi in the domain of Hardware & Technology


BuildIt has been one of the initial and thriving partnerships of Velmenni. It has assisted us in exploring exciting unions with global ventures in the domain of hardware & technology. Till date it continues to do so.

Cisco Launchpad - Velmenni Lifi Technology | Implement innovative initiative Cisco LaunchPad program

Cisco Launchpad

Velmenni is now a part of the Cisco LaunchPad program that nurtures co-development, co-creation, new business models and joint GTMs. It aims to support our entrepreneurial journey and will help us scale to the next level.