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What is Light Communication (LC)?

Light communication is a bi-directional wireless communication network enabling the transmission of data by leveraging the unlicensed visible or invisible part of the light spectrum.

The potency of bidirectional light communication allows us to build an ideal medium, independent of congested radio frequencies and interference from electromagnetic waves, thus, resulting in faster data transfer.

Both the visible light spectrum and the infrared spectrum are globally unlicensed.

Why Light Communication (LC)?

The available radio frequency spectrum is not enough to cater to the growing demand for wireless data transmission. The number of devices accessing mobile networks is going up every second resulting in inefficiency, congestion, and high interference.
This has led to the birth of light communication which is unlocking the unparalleled data and bandwidth at a better speed enabling a better user experience.

Data is the new currency impacting everybody’s lives. As the modern world receives & sends millions of Terabytes of data every day, the present day wireless data communication technologies comprising of Wi-Fi & 4G-LTE is on the verge of becoming partially inept for information exchange as they suffer from spectrum congestion in both controlled and uncontrolled environments.
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Different LC Based Technologies

Light communication refers to all types of wireless communications where optical/light wavelengths are used. VLC(Visible Light Communication), FSO(Free Space Optics), LiFi(Light Fidelity), Infra-red Remote Controls, etc. are all examples of LC.


Use Cases of Light Communication

High-Speed Indoor Wireless Networks (LiFi)

LiFi provides a high-speed, secure, dense, and reliable wireless network specifically for enterprise and home environments and acts as an enabler for smart buildings.

Wireless Backhaul Infrastructure for 5G/4G Telecom Operators

It is a future-proof and reliable backhauling solution for 4G-LTE and 5G.

Last Mile Connectivity for FTTx broadband solutions

It comes as a problem solver where laying the OFC becomes a challenge, including homes and enterprises, via light communication link nodes.


Wireless in-flight entertainment system inside the aircraft cabin by simply using the wall/reading lamps. LiFi won’t cause EM interference with the airplane’s crucial instruments. It enables people to enjoy seamless data streaming/downloading.

Industries 4.0

LiFi can play a vital role in preventing the interference of radio waves with other machines. LiFi solutions can establish connectivity with high-performance industrial tools in a highly EM interference-prone metallic environment. It helps to communicate with various machines, sensors, moving robots, etc. enabling ubiquitous coverage and connectivity within industrial setups.

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