Different LC Based Technologies

Light communication refers to all types of wireless communications where optical/light wavelengths are used. VLC(Visible Light Communication), FSO(Free Space Optics), LiFi(Light Fidelity), Infra-red Remote Controls, etc. are all examples of LC.

Li-Fi: LiFi is a revolutionary fully networked technology that enables the transmission of data through light in an indoor environment. In Li-Fi the data is transmitted from a light access point to a user's smart device (laptops/ PCs/ Smartphones). It enables user mobility and can offer smooth handover in case a user moves from one light access point to another. The spectrum of light, being 1000 times wider than the usable radiofrequency, can achieve a significantly faster speed than Wi-Fi. The fact that light cannot trespass through the physical environment, therefore, enables the secure data passage.

FSO (Free-Space Optics): It is a line-of-sight technology that uses invisible light to provide optical bandwidth connections. A light communication technology that uses light propagating in free space to wirelessly transmit data. ‘Free space’ means air, outer space, vacuum, or a similar medium. The clear contradiction of FSO would be the optical fibre cables which are tangible and solid in nature.

Optical Camera Communications (OCC): OCC could be used to provide accurate indoor positioning and limited amounts of information similar to how the Global Positioning System (GPS) is used to offer positioning in outdoor scenarios. OCC is made for smart devices and its primary function is directly related to the device’s camera. It helps the user locate, track and navigate themselves to and around the VLC tagged asset. 

Underwater Light Communication 

Underwater LC systems can provide either P-to-P or P-to-M wireless connectivity  using ultraviolet or blue light as a carrier media. Blue light has efficient wave propagation properties underwater and the same is used for creating high-speed wireless communication networks. Applications like ship-to-submarine communications, communication with underwater drones, etc. can be built up using the technology. 

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