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What is LiFi? 

It’s a fully networked indoor wireless technology enabling the transfer of data through light. Using the visible/invisible part of the light spectrum it transmits data, unlike WiFi which operates on radio frequencies.

Simple to connect, smooth run, secure function, and interference-free data transfer are the key USPs of our LiFi product. With the ever-growing demand for connectivity, LiFi would be able to combine illumination and wireless data transmission to accelerate the relay of data across the globe.

How does it work?

Data input from the router is transferred to the LiFi Access Point (attached to the LEDs) over POE/Ethernet cable. That same data is then encoded, modulated, and transmitted using LEDs.

The LiFi Dongle (attached to the smart device) does demodulation and decoding of the data and sends it to the user's smart device using USB.

Reversing this process, LiFi Dongle then performs the necessary encoding and modulation for uplink communication of data.

NIR LEDs integrated into LiFi Dongle act as a medium for uplink communication enabling bi-directional communication.

Core Features

Data is the new currency impacting everybody’s lives. As the modern world receives & sends millions of Terabytes of data every day, the present day wireless data communication technologies comprising of Wi-Fi & 4G-LTE is on the verge of becoming partially inept for information exchange as they suffer from spectrum congestion in both controlled and uncontrolled environments.

LiFi Applications

Velmenni’s LiFi, owing to its unique internet infrastructure, can support a variety of industries and enterprises.

Defence & Govt Institutions

Secured wireless network within premises for defence and govt locations, insulating them from data breaches.


Consistent, secured, and high-speed internet connectivity for workspaces.

Educational Institutions

Reliable wireless network, enabling access for institutes around the world.


Non-reactive and EMI free, making it viable for healthcare institutions.

Internet of Things(IoT)

Flexible options to use visible light for full network coverage and NIR for limited use cases

Industry 4.0

Uniform coverage and connectivity for machine-to-machine communication.


High speed, wide-ranging internet zones in hotels

Nuclear Power Plants

Undisturbed connections in critical environments and highly secured zones.

Petrochemical Plants

RF-free secure and fast network via sensors and actuators for industrial sites.

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LCA(Light Communication Alliance)

Global leaders in communications, lighting, infrastructure, and device manufacturing industries have come together to form Light Communications Alliance- an open, non-profit association, with the aim to promote light communications technology with an efficient and result-oriented approach. It has aligned the leaders from different industries to develop and envisage business models using light communication systems and technologies by defining a standard of education in an efficient communication and cooperation framework. The organization will align innovative leaders across the industries to define the standards for education, communication, and interoperability. 


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