LiFi Ecosystem

Velmenni, as a founding member of the Light Communications Alliance, envisions providing a catalyst for light communication technologies, enabling opportunities in new markets. To achieve it, a far-reaching, sustainable, and coherent ecosystem working at a determined pace is required.

LCA(Light Communication Alliance)

Global leaders in communications, lighting, infrastructure, and device manufacturing industries have come together to form Light Communications Alliance- an open, non-profit association, with the aim to promote light communications technology with an efficient and result-oriented approach. It has aligned the leaders from different industries to develop and envisage business models using light communication systems and technologies by defining a standard of education in an efficient communication and cooperation framework. The organization will align innovative leaders across the industries to define the standards for education, communication, and interoperability. 


LCA’s objective is to differentiate different types of Light Communication technology and create an ecosystem for mass-scale adoption of Light Communication. The major collaborators include PureLiFi, Velmenni, Orange, Nokia, and Zero.1, Fraunhofer HHI, du.

LC Technology Vendors
System Integrators
Network Infrastructure Providers
Chipset Vendors
Lighting Companies
Telecom Operators & Customers

Li-Fi Standardisation

The world is moving towards creating standards for Li-Fi. There are 2 major initiatives for Li-Fi global standardization. 

IEEE 802.11bb

IEEE 802.11bb is another body that is working on creating a standard for Li-Fi technology. It is an extension of the current Wi-Fi standard which will eventually help in scaling up Li-Fi to the consumer level.

ITU-G 9991 (VLC)

It is the world’s first standard for high-speed wireless communications using visible light and infrared. The system architecture has been set up on the basis of a physical (PHY) layer and data link layer (DLL) for swift indoor optical wireless communication.

Velmenni is now a part of the Cisco LaunchPad program that nurtures co-development, co-creation, new business models and joint GTMs. It aims to support our entrepreneurial journey and will help us scale to the next level.

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